Publicat de: Ina | Decembrie 10, 2007


– de la Melina (nu dau mai departe ca momentan nu am cui)


Male friend: Emi, Razvan
Female friend: Dia, Gabi
Vacation: all
Age: 21
Memory: a weekend 3 years ago


Time of day: waking up
Day of the week: Wednesday
Food: there are soo many
Memory: i’d rather not share it


Person you saw: OanaN
Person you talked on the phone: Morticia
Hugged: Gabi
Text messaged: papusa
Ymsg: Surprize-Surprize


What did you do: sleep, movie, doughnuts
Who were you with: Gabi, Mario, papusa
Bad/Good day: i’d go for Good
Lose something: hope not
Fall out with someone: don’t think so


Is: Tuesday
Got any plans: get through it alive
Getting lucky: no 😦
Dislikes about tomorrow: it’s near
Do you have work: homework


Number: 10
Song: Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue – Where the Wild Roses Grow
Color: blue (no, not pink :p)
Season: spring
State: home


With someone: not really
Missing someone: everyone
Mood: ahhh.. who cares??
Wanting: CHOCOLATE (of course)


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